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Dragon Scales Holster Vest


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As much as we love fairies and elves, we love dragons too. They are in our realm of magic and wonder so it is only fitting we created a vest in their honour and image. The Dragon Scales holster vest has literally ‘dragon scale’ shapes descending on the outside of the vest. These shapes are the snap flaps to pockets beneath each ‘scale’. Each pocket descending becomes larger for your treasures: take our suggestions for what to designate into each compartment or chose your own adventure….

The top dragon scale flap hides a perfect pocket for your lip balm, change or crystals, the smaller items that often get lost in those bigger pockets. It is even big enough to designate one side of this top pocket for your ID bank cards – just make sure you snap that snap shut.

The second snap pocket is slightly more generous and could fit a hefty amount of keys, a jar of treats, or about 10 magic spell balls.

The bottom snap pocket has 3 more pockets inside. Here is where we love to divide precious handwritten poems from our currency notes. Use the zipper pocket to secure what needs to be zipped away. And the quick grab open divider pockets for that which needs to be accessed frequently, perhaps your vape pen or phone.

On the inside of the vest resting against your chest are two more zipper pockets. The top zipper pocket is shallow and another perfect little pocket for lip balm, or bank ID cards. The zipper pocket below it is where we love to designate our passport when we are travelling. We keep it zipped closed, accessible yet hidden when we reach for our other belongings.

And the best pocket of all is the open inside pocket. Here is where you’ll find a resting place for your beverage; we recommend unopened to avoid spillage. What a wonderful compartment to have your next refreshment as you surely should stay hydrated with all the fire breathing you’ll be doing while wearing our Dragon Scales Holster Vest. 

Cough.. ..Did we mention that there are 16 pockets in total? Yah there are 8 on each side.

And there are two brass D links on the upper part of the vest. Intended for a Hood we have designed (and will be online soon) to lobster clasp onto. In the meantime use them to secure a carbineer to.

Material: 100% Organic twill cotton with ‘antique’ brass snap

Care Instructions: Wash in Cold water (make sure all items are out of the pockets) Hang to dry out of direct sunlight.


Sizing: Available in a shorter or longer size. We recommend the shorter length for body frames that are smaller. And the longer size for body types that are taller or require more circumference. Use the lacing at the middle back to adjust the width. Simply put on and widen the lacing until there isn’t any buckling of the shape of the back of the vest. Then tie a knot on each side so your ‘setting’ is set and secure. If you want to wear on top of a bulky sweater: widen the laces and retie.

Pockets remain the same size . The length of the design is what is sized.

Small/Medium: Length: 24” and can be extended to 26” by adjusting the snaps

Large/XLarge: Length 29” and can be extended to 31” by adjusting the snaps

All sizes, dimensions and fabric descriptions are listed at the bottom of every individual product description. 
Please email us at or go to our contact page to submit questions or requests. 

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