Shipibo Amaru Flow Pants


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Shipibo artisans are known for depicting their ayahuasca based cosmology in the intricate designs of their luminous fabrics. We are proud to work and collaborate with authentic Shipibo embroidery inspired by ayahuasca visions and songs. These sacred geometric patterns are songs, prayers and blessings used to protect and armor the Body & the Spirit!

These super soft pants are comfortable yet versatile. You can wear these pants all year around. Great weight and thickness. Perfect for layering.
They are nice blend of 90% Organic Cotton and 10% spandex.

The pants have a flowy bell and a low rise.
They have a 4.5 inch waist band that you can fold down or wear high.
Men and women alike can rock these pants.

We left the hem "undone", it will curl a bit when you wash it, and if you need these shorter you can just cut them to your desired length. We do recommend washing and drying the pants before cutting them.
These are androgenous... they fit everyone!
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