Umba means “sisters” in Balinese from the first place we found treasures to bring home. Soon after we learned that it means “the process of creation” in Swahili and everafter have bloomed into synergistic group of women embodying “Umba”.

    Fueled with the passion of travel, music and art, we started vending at music festivals selling imports and Umbas design line. Collectively we now have evolved into a storefront in downtown Boulder where we support all our vending family designers as well as over 100 local artists.

    We seek to find and create clothing that inspires, as well as embodies both comfort and our unique, playful, artistic expression. We are always looking to connect with people around the world to exchange energy, vision and world-class wearable art.

    As a family run business we run a progressive operation with conscientious practices and  profits going to our organic farm in Southern Oregon. Our intentions are to educate, practice and support ourselves and others with sustainable living solutions while celebrating life and community!