Uniquely Umba

We seek out the finest festival styles that inspire and embody both fun and functional! Our attraction to comfortable, creative fashion lends to a playful expression of free flowing, fun-loving lifestyles. Using natural fabrics that layer for versatility, our diverse selection provides sleek and sexy styles that allow you to dress up or down!

Umba represents a synergistic group of creative women who share a love of traveling, dancing, connection and yogic practice. They seek out beautiful clothing as well as an array of accessories that cater to the festival fashion. Their approach to business incorporates a the vision of selling handmade products made by local artisans along side their own world-class merchandise.

While pursuing their passion, the blessings of positive affirmation provide growth and development of strong family values. Umba, which means “sisters” in Balinese, is an inspiration from the original source of their worldly treasures. Later, it became known that Umba also means “to create” in Swahili, a perfect side note to their artistic flare.

As Umba flourishes with their integral experiences and relationships, Lisa Noble and Lonna Bartkowiak continue to thrive on the “Gypsy Love Pirate” way of taking life as it comes. Their love of community and sharing fashionable treasures graciously confirms the notion of a grassroots family business. Whether in the form of wearable art or stylistic accessories, the spice of unique festival attire is essential to the freedom of a fun and functional trip across the nation!

We have collaborated with a number of festival favorites as well as local Colorado artists, crafters and visionaries to bring you the full Umba experience no matter the location. Our mission is to support and provide an outlet for the creative energy of our community. We are thrilled to continue our summer adventures and proud of  having our retail location in beautiful downtown Boulder, Colorado!

If you are an artist, make clothing, or craft unique accessories, please contact us to discuss consignment or wholesale possibilities!

click here to see a virtual tour of our store in Boulder!

See you soon!!!
– Umba Love